Karridale, WA

Karridale is on Bussell Highway (43)

Karridale is a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ village. Just to the west of Karridale is the seaside town of Hamelin Bay, which is well known for the abundance of friendly eagle rays which will glide up to greet you as you paddle in the shallow waters, It's not uncommon to see some as large as 2 metres across. They have a habit of swimming around snorkelers at fairly close range, and at certain times of the day they congregate around the boat ramp and feed off the scraps left by fisherman.

Karridale Visitor Information

The visitor information centre for Karridale can be found in Augusta.

Augusta Visitor Information Centre

Corner Ellis Street & Blackwood Avenue,
Augusta WA 6290

Phone: (08) 9758 0166


Map of Karridale

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