Donnybrook, WA

Donnybrook is on South Western Highway (9)

Main street of Donnybrook
Photo by JAW

Donnybrook is the centre of apple production in Western Australia and the town has many icons bearing the apple such as the apple shaped street lights that line the entrance of the Old Railway Station. The apple harvest goes into full production from March to May when five central sheds and several private sheds are sorting, grading, packing and forwarding fruit to local and overseas markets. Visitors can visit the sheds by arrangement with the Donnybrook Tourist Information Centre. The town is also known for its picturesque abundance of English Oak trees.

Donnybrook Information Centre

Old Railway Station,
South Western Highway,
Donnybrook WA 6239

Phone: (08) 9731 1720

Map of Donnybrook

Donnybrook Photos

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