Paynesville, Vic

Paynesville is on Princes Highway (A1)

View across the water to Paynesville
Photo by Phanton

Paynesville is 16 kilometres south of the Princes Highway from Bairnsdale. It is a holiday/tourist resort town with a population of around 3,000. Lake King and Lake Victoria, which lie to the east and south of the town are popular fishing and boating areas. As you enter Paynesville, stop and check out the town map on the side of the road. The Information Centre is 500 metres east of the Main Street/The Esplanade junction. Look for the blue building on the left.

Paynesville Visitor Information

Paynesville Community Art & Craft Centre,
The Esplanade,
Paynesville VIC

Phone: (03) 5156 7479

Map of Paynesville

Paynesville Photos

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