Bicheno, Tas

Bicheno is on Tasman Highway (A3)

Bicheno Attractions

Bicheno Aquarium

This aquarium displays many specimens of seahorses, sharks, jellyfish, crayfish, giant crabs and other cool temperate marine species from the local waters. They are open for viewing through the summer months with different species to see each time you visit.

Located in a tin-shed below Whalers Hill at the Gulch on Esplanade.

Bicheno Foreshore Walkway

This walkway links Redbill Beach, Waub’s Bay, The Gulch, the Rocking Rock and Blow Hole and Rice Pebble Beach. Keep your eyes on the ocean along the way for sightings of whales, dolphins, penguins or maybe even seals. The walkway follows the coast from Redbill Beach at the end of Gordon Street in the north to Rice Pebble Beach at the end of Weily Avenue in the south. You can access the walk at various locations between these beaches.

Bicheno Motorcycle Museum

This museum has on display 60-plus immaculately restored motorcycles dating back to 1920. There are models of Triumph, Royal Enfield, Ariel, Norton, Vincent, Noriel, Ducati, Honda, Harley Davidson and Bultaco. The owners favourite period for motor bikes is from the 1920s to the 1950s as the bikes from this era are classic and full of character with their moving valve springs and external push rods. Beside the museum is a restoration workshop.

Located at 35 Burgess Street (Tasman Highway) 100 metres north of Douglas Street and 500 metres south of Foster Street.

Bicheno Penguin Tour

This is a guided tour to watch the little fairy penguins return to their burrows after their hard day catching food out at sea. It is an educational and exciting wildlife experience at a private penguin rookery. The tour last for one hour and operates at dusk. The protected private penguin rookery allows you to view these remarkable creatures up close and undisturbed in their own environment.

The office is located on the Tasman Highway in the centre of Bicheno opposite Foster Street.

Diamond Island Nature Reserve

This is a 6.76 hectare island reserve, popular with nature lovers and bird watchers because it is home to a colony of little penguins, short tailed shearwaters and sooty oystercatchers. The island is connected to the mainland by a sand-spit making it accessible at low tide. There is still some evidence on the island that it was used as a whaling station in the nineteenth century.

The island lies off the coast near the Diamond Island Resort, 3 kilometres north of Foster Street via the Tasman Highway.

East Coast Nature World

This sanctuary is situated on 60 hectares of parklands and offers an opportunity to see many of Australia’s animals and birds. Within the sanctuary there is a walk-through aviary and if you stand still some of the birds may even sit on your shoulder or your head. There is also ‘Old Macdonald’s Farm’, a good place for the kids to interact with sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs and geese. There is a special area devoted to the Tasmanian Devils and the highlight of any visit is always feeding times which are 10.00am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm. There is an open-air enclosure for snakes and they are fed at 10.45 every day during the warmer months provided the day is warm enough. It is best to ring and confirm if you wish to specifically see snake feeding.

Located on the Tasman Highway, 6.5 kilometres north of Bicheno (2 kilometres north of the Bicheno Golf Course). There are two large signs at the entrance.

Governor Island Marine Reserve

This reserve, with its spectacular underwater scenery, is known as one of the best temperate diving locations in Australia with 15 different dive sites. The reserve includes Governor Island and all waters and other islands within 400 metres of the island. The island is separated from the mainland by a narrow stretch of water, approximately 50 metres wide, known as Waubs Gulch. The waters around Governor Island are deep and subject to strong currents and swells. Diving is recommended for experienced divers only, or those under the guidance of an experienced diver. The marine reserve is best accessed via commercial operators or private boat.

The Dive Centre is located at 2 Scuba Court which is 450 metres north of Foster Street opposite the Sealife Centre.

Grave of Waubadebar

Waubadebar was a local Aboriginal woman who saved two European men, one of which was her husband, when their boat was smashed against rocks in a storm. It is known that she was a remarkably strong swimmer. Local legend has it that snowdrops bloom on her grave every spring. The grave is adjacent to the Merchant Navy Memorial at the back of Lions Park, near the Silver Sands Hotel.

Turn east off the Tasman Highway in the centre of Bicheno onto Foster Street then take the 1st left onto Burgess Street and follow it to the end.

Merchant Navy Memorial

Bicheno has many mariners and ex-mariners and a strong affinity with the sea. In September 2003 a memorial to the Merchant Navy was unveiled in Bicheno and in February 2004 the town presented the Australian Merchant Navy with a freedom of entry charter which granted the merchant navy access to the tiny harbour. The local children have become custodians of the memorial which is at the back of Lions Park, near the Silver Sands Hotel and close to the Grave of Waubadebar.

Turn east off the Tasman Highway in the centre of Bicheno onto Foster Street then take the 1st left onto Burgess Street and follow it to the end.

Rocking Rock & Blowhole

The Rocking Rock is an 80 tonne slab of granite which is precariously balanced so that it rocks backwards and forwards with the movement of the tide. Nearby, on the granite outcrop, is the blowhole which, according to the locals, is capable of blowing to a height of 20 metres if there is a large swell. This area of the coastline is notorious for unexpected waves so be aware or you could get soaked. There are a number of interesting access points onto the rocks. These rocks have a distinctive red colour as a result of deposits of red lichen.

Located on Esplanade just south of the Gulch. They are both clearly signposted.

The Glass Bottom Boat Tour

View the local sea life around Governor Island Marine Reserve and the Gulch, on board Tasmanian’s only Glass Bottom Boat. The 40-45 minute interpretive tour operates daily from September through to April. Bookings are essential. Be sure to call ahead as trips are subject to weather conditions, or check the black board at the office/museum at the Gulch. Wear warm clothing because it can get quite cold and windy.

Turn east off the Tasman Highway in the centre of Bicheno onto Foster Street. Follow this street to the end then turn right onto Esplanade. The office is 300 metres on the right.

Whalers Lookout

There are two viewing platforms at this lookout, one which looks over Governor Island and the other offering excellent views over the township of Bicheno and Waub’s Bay. It is a 25 minute uphill walk to the lookout with lots of rocky steps along the way so it could be a bit of a challenge for anyone who is a bit unsteady on their feet.

Turn east off the Tasman Highway onto Foster Street. Travel 350 metres and the walk starts on the left hand side just past Fraser Street.

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