Alonnah, Tas

Alonnah is on Bruny Island (B66)

Alonnah lies on the western side of South Bruny Island and is 36 kilometres south from the Roberts Point ferry terminal, via Bruny Island Main Road. It is home to the Hotel Bruny, Australia's southern-most pub. Alonnah is the main location on Bruny Island for government facilities, plus a post office, police station, primary school, internet centre, community library, pharmacy, health centre with nurses, a visiting doctor, physiotherapist, and other health practitioners. There is also a hotel, small general store with fuel pumps and a museum located in the court house, The Alonnah Dray track is an easy walking track of historical value, beginning at Alonnah jetty.

Alonnah Visitor Information

The visitor information centre for Alonnah can be found in Kettering.

Kettering Visitor Information Centre

Bruny D'Entrecasteaux Visitor Centre,
Ferry Terminal,
Kettering WA 7155

Phone: (03) 6267 4494

Map of Alonnah

Bruny Island (B66)

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Barnes Bay Tas
Great Bay Tas
17 kms northeast
Alonnah Tas
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