Peterborough, SA

Peterborough is on Barrier Highway (A32)

A 'Y' Class Number 82 Locomotive beside the rotunda in the main street of Peterborough
Photo by Cgoodwin

Peterborough is situated 14 kilometres west of the Barrier Highway. The town is serviced by the weekly Indian Pacific run by Great Southern Rail, which heads to Adelaide on Thursdays, and to Sydney on Tuesdays.
The Peterborough Information Centre is located in a restored first class sleeping carriage of the East West Express which dates back to 1917. The Centre, which is in the main street through town and opposite the Junction Hotel, is open every day from 9.00am – 5.00pm (closed Christmas Day). On the street in front of the Information Centre there is a statue of Bob the Railway Dog.

Peterborough Information Centre

Main Street,
Peterborough SA 5422

Phone: (08) 8651 2708

Map of Peterborough

Peterborough Photos

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