Roma, Qld

Roma Court House
Photo by Kevin Stone

Roma is a prominent country town situated on Bungil Creek in the western Darling Downs area of Queensland. Named after the wife of Queensland’s first Governor, Sir George Bowen, Roma is a town of many firsts: it was the first gazetted town after Queensland separated from NSW, the first wine-making venture in Queensland and the site of Australia’s first oil and gas strike. Roma is the centre of a rich pastoral and grain growing district with beef, wool and wheat as their chief industries.

Bore water for the town is obtained from the Artesian Basin. Many homes have a tank for rainwater delivered by a third tap at the kitchen sink because the town water has a strong taste.

Roma Visitor Information Centre

2 Riggers Road,
Roma QLD 4455

Phone: (07) 4622 8676
Fax: (07) 4624 0290

Map of Roma

Roma Photos

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