Ravenshoe, Qld

Hotel Tully Falls in Ravenshoe
Photo © Highway Traveller

Ravenshoe, pronounced Ravens-hoe, sits at 930 metres above sea level. It is the highest town in Queensland, beating Herberton by just 15 metres. The Tully Falls Hotel, in Ravenshoe, is Queensland's highest pub, at an elevation of 916 metres above sea level. The Ravenshoe Information Centre which is run by volunteers features the Nganyaji Interpretive Centre displaying information and artefacts from the locally indigenous Jirrbal people. It also has displays on early settlers, the timber industry and soldiers who were based here during World War II.

Ravenshoe Information Centre

24 Moore Street,
Ravenshoe QLD 4888

Phone: (07) 4097 7700
Fax: (07) 4097 7700


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