Mitchell, Qld

Mitchell is on Warrego Highway (A2)

Looking downstream along the Maranoa River at Mitchell.
Photo by Brian Voon Yee Yap

The town of Mitchell marks the Gateway to Queensland's Outback. The town, which is on the banks of the Maranoa River, was named in honour of Sir Thomas Mitchell whose exploration of south-west Queensland led to the establishment of several towns in the region. The town's wide tree-lined streets and substantial colonial buildings reflect its early importance as the centre of a busy farming and pastoral district famous for its grains, beef and sheep. The town is rapidly becoming an important stop on the tourist route to Outback Queensland.The Information Centre is located in the Great Artesian Spa Complex.

Mitchell Visitor Information Centre

Great Artesian Spa,
6 Cambridge Street,
Mitchell QLD 4465

Phone: (07) 4624 6923

Map of Mitchell

Mitchell Photos

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