Innot Hot Springs, Qld

Innot Hot Springs is on Kennedy Highway (1)

Innot Hot Springs Attractions

Innot Hot Springs

In Nettle Creek, at Innot Hot Springs, hot water bubbles up through the sandy creek bed and many locals and visitors come here to sit in the shallow pools to enjoy the healing and rejuvenating properties associated with mineral hot springs. But be warned! Some sections of the creek, as the name suggests, are very hot and can reach temperatures as high as 75 degrees Celsius which could potentially burn your skin. Next to the creek is the Innot Hot Springs Leisure and Health Park. Within the park are several thermal mineral water pools of varying temperatures. The water is taken from Nettle Creek. It has a slight sulphur smell but you will get used to it. There is a small entrance fee to use the pools for a day but it is free if you are staying at the park.

Located on the Kennedy Highway between Ravenshoe and Mount Garnet.

Mount Gibson Fossicking Area

The area around Innot Springs and Mount Garnet are still renowned as a worthwhile location for gold prospectors and gem collectors. It is a good base to explore the Mount Gibson topaz fossicking area, five kilometres northwest of Innot Hot Springs. Don't forget, a fossicking licence is required. Licences can be obtained at the Mobil Store/Hot Springs Health Waters, in Innot Hot Springs.

Turn off the Kennedy Highway onto Broken Gully Road at Innot Hot Springs.

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