Gayndah, Qld

Gayndah is on Burnett Highway (A3)

The township of Gayndah from the towns scenic lookout
Photo by Mattinbgn

Gayndah sits below the twin hills to the south, affectionately know as the "Duke and Duchess". Archer's Lookout sits on the Duke providing an excellent perspective of the whole region. Visitors to Gayndah can pick up information brochurs at the Big Orange in Mick Lutvey Street which is open 8.30am -5.00pm daily from April through to September.They can organise orchard tours and sell gifts, fruit, coffee and light snacks.

Gayndah Visitor Information Centre

Gayndah Museum,
8 Simon Street,
Gayndah QLD 4625

Phone: (07) 4161 2226

Map of Gayndah

Gayndah Photos

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