Childers, Qld

The restored Palace Memorial building
Photo by MichaelGG

The Bruce Highway which runs through Childers, is lined with Brazilian Leopard Trees and there are number of historic colonial buildings along the main street also. Sugar cane features prominently in the area as well as fruit and vegetable cropping.

The Childers Information Centre is on the ground floor of the Palace Memorial Building. This building was restored after a devastating fire in 2002. Upstairs there is a glass memorial wall in memory of the 12 victims who lost their lives in the fire. The Childers Regional Art Gallery is also upstairs, and regular exhibitions are displayed in this beautifully building.

Childers Visitor Information Centre

Palace Memorial Building,
72 Churchill Street,
Childers QLD 4660

Phone (07) 4130 4660
Fax: (07) 4126 2837

Map of Childers

Childers Photos

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