Wilcannia, NSW

Bridges over the Darling River at Wilcannia
Photo by Peterdownunder

Wilcannia is located where the Barrier Highway crosses the Darling River. The area is semi-arid to desert with an annual rainfall of 255 millimetres. Common plants species that survive in these harsh dry conditions are River Red Gum, Yellow Box, Oldman Saltbush and Lignum. The surrounding area is very sparsely settled by pastoralists who have large land holdings, used primarily to run sheep. The Information Centre is in the Council Chambers in Reid Street which runs southwest off the Barrier Highway in the centre of town.

Wilcannia Visitor Information Centre

Wilcannia Telecentre
Reid Street, Wilcannia NSW 2836

Phone: (08) 8091 5333
Fax: (08) 8091 5355


Map of Wilcannia

Wilcannia Photos

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