West Wyalong, NSW

The Newell Highway passing through West Wyalong
Photo by Mattinbgn

West Wyalong is noted for it’s crooked main street, which was originally a bullock track, woven around gold diggings and old tree stumps. By the time the town was surveyed there were already shanties and other buildings, dotted around the area so the main road had to wind it’s way around them. The West Wyalong district is a large cereal-growing centre and there is lso the Eagle High Eucalyptus Farm supplying the oil world wide.

West Wyalong Visitor Information Centre

Shire Street,
West Wyalong, NSW 2671

Phone: (02) 6972 2266
Fax: (02) 6972 4230


Map of West Wyalong

West Wyalong Photos

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