Tuncurry, NSW

Tuncurry is on Pacific Highway (A1)

The township of Tuncurry hugging the entrance to Wallace Lake.
Photo by Celcom

Tuncurry is located on The Lakes Way, which is a coastal scenic drive that exits the Pacific Highway south of Taree and north of Nabiac, and rejoins the Pacific Highway just north of Bulahdelah.

Tuncurry and Forster are two coastal towns, which are now essentially one urban mass separated by a very large concrete bridge. They sit on opposite sides of the entrance to Wallis Lake and are fronted by the ocean to the east and the lake to the west. Tuncurry lies on the northern side of the bridge and Forster lies on the southern side of the bridge.

Tuncurry Visitor Information

The visitor information centre for Tuncurry can be found in Forster.

Forster Visitor Information Centre

2 Little Street,
Forster NSW 2428

Phone: (02) 6554 8799
Freecall: 1800 802 692


Map of Tuncurry

Tuncurry Photos

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