Thredbo, NSW

Thredbo is on Alpine Way

Thredbo Camping Spots

Geehi Flats Campground

This campground is on the banks of Swampy Plains River and goes quite a way back from the highway. The camping area is flat and has places to turn around. There is a large population of wombats in the area and between June and September, you may see the babies with their mums grazing around the campground. It is a remote area with phone and internet services non-existent. A short walk towards the back of the picnic area you will come to Keebles Hut and a bit further on Geehi Hut which both have a fireplace and indoor picnic table. Keeble Hut also has a wood powered stove.

Facilities include : Picnic tables : Wood barbecues - supply your own wood : Toilets : NO drinking water : NO dogs allowed : NO generators allowed ; Suitable for all sized caravans : It is free to camp but National Park entrance fees apply.

Located on Alpine Way, 37 kilometres west of Thredbo and 31 kilometres south of Khancoban, immediately north of the Swampy Plains River Bridge.

Tom Groggin Campground

This large grassy rest area/campground is on the banks of the Murray River with lots of shady trees. Although the camping area is large, Alpine Way is very steep and winding in places and not recommended for caravans. Be prepared to share the area with lots of Eastern Grey Kangaroos. It is best to visit in the summer because in the winter the area is covered with snow.

Facilities include : Picnic tables : Fixed fireplaces - supply your own wood : Toilets : NO drinking water : NO dogs allowed : Suitable for small caravans only : It is free to camp here but National Park entry fees apply.

Turn west off Alpine Way, 24 kilometres west of Thredbo and 52 kilometres south of Khancoban, onto Tom Groggin Access Trail. At the turnoff there is a Rest Area sign and Snowy Creek sign. After 400 metres turn right and the camping area is 600 metres.

This page last reviewed on 30 Dec 2017