Port Macquarie, NSW

Port Macquarie is on Oxley Highway (B56) and Pacific Highway (A1)

Port Macquarie Dump Points

Port Macquarie Dump Point

This free Dump Ezy public dump point is located in the Port Macquarie Industrial Area. There is a long parking space set aside beside the dump point so that all sized caravans can access it. Located in Chestnut Road which runs off Lake Road. Turn off the Oxley Highway at the western entrance to Port Macquarie onto Lake Road. Travel 1.2 kilometres then turn right onto Chestnut Road or if coming from the city along Lake Road, turn left onto Chestnut Road which is 950 metres past the Ocean Drive traffic lights. After turning into Chestnut Road the Dump Point is approximately 350 metres on the left hand side. It is best to access Chestnut Road from the east, because Lake Road is very busy so turning right can pose a bit of a problem.

This page last reviewed on 17 Jan 2018