Karangi, NSW

Karangi is on Orara Way

Karangi Attractions

Karangi Dam

This dam was constructed in 1980 but due to the growing population another 10 metres were added to the top of the dam wall in 1995 making the wall 49 metres high. The main function of this dam is to provide safe drinking water for Coffs Harbour, Sawtell and the coastal strip north of Coffs Harbour as well as Woolgoolga. Because the water in the dam is used for drinking, please adhere to the signs of NO fishing, NO swimming, NO boating and NO camping and leave your dog at home. You are not able to drive or walk along the dam wall but you can still get a good view from the car park. You can still enjoy a picnic in the car park at the dam where there is seating, a rubbish bin and wheelchair accessible toilets near the entrance gate. There are also an in-depth Information Board about the dam. The small car park is sealed but the road to the dam is not suitable for caravans. The area is open to the public every day from 9.00am to 3.30pm.

Turn west off Coramba Road (Orara Way) 5.5 kilometres south of Coramba and 9.5 kilometres west of the Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour, via West High Street, onto Upper Orara Road at the Karangi shop. Travel 2.3 kilometres and you will see the gates on the left hand side. Drive through the gates and follow the road to the parking area at the top of the dam wall.


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