Hillgrove, NSW

Hillgrove is on Waterfall Way (B78)

Hillgrove Free Rest Areas

Gara River Rest Area


This is a small sealed rest area beside Grafton Road (Waterfall Way) with a few trees for shade. It is just west of the Gara River which is more like a creek during times of drought. The rest area can be accessed from both directions but easiest when travelling east. Keep an eye out because the only Rest Area sign is at the rest area itself.

Facilities include : Covered picnic table : NO barbecue : Drop toilet : NO water : Rubbish bins provided : Dogs are OK : Suitable for all sized caravans - best for small to medium caravans.

Located on Waterfall Way, 12 kilometres west of the Hillgrove turnoff and 14 kilometres east of Armidale on the eastbound side of the road.

This page last reviewed on 5 Dec 2016