Gulgong, NSW

Main street through Gulgong
Photo by Conollyb

Gulgong is an old mining town and the winding main street has many old historic and heritage listed buildings. The building that the Gulgong Information Centre operates from, was built in the late 1800’s and was used as a blacksmiths shop. The Gulgong RSL purchased the building in 1987 and it remains today with it’s original charm and historic value. The centre has a variety of handmade and unique giftware and souvenirs for sale. If the centre is closed when you arrive, information is available at the RSL which is also in Herbert Street.

Gulgong Visitor Information Centre

66 Herbert Street,
Gulgong NSW 2852

Phone: (02) 6374 2691
Fax: (02) 6374 2692

Map of Gulgong

Gulgong Photos

This page last reviewed on 30 Nov 2016