Goolgowi, NSW

Comdo Street in Goolgowi
Photo by Mattinbgn

Goolgowi is a small town with a general store, a small post office,hotel, service station, bowling green, caravan park, tennis courts, swimming pool and a motel. There is also a golf course that is very different from most courses because instead of grass it has sand greens and the fairways look like a paddock. It is a large agricultural area with some farms covering thousands of acres. Crops include wheat, rice, canola, Soyabean, corn ,sunflower, barley and oats. There are also cattle, sheep, goat and pig farms.

Did you know that the famous horse trainer Tommy 'TJ' Smith was raised in Goolgowi, where his parents owned the local butchers store. The shop still stands today but is no longer used.

Goolgowi Visitor Information Centre

Carrathool Shire Council,
Corner Cobram & Stipa Streets,
Goolgowi NSW 2652

Phone: (02) 6965 1900
Fax: (02) 6965 1379

Map of Goolgowi

Goolgowi Photos

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