Glenreagh, NSW

Glenreagh is on Orara Way

Glenreagh Attractions

Glenreagh Memorial Museum

The museum, which is in two sections, is attached to the Glenreagh School of Arts Hall. A diverse collection of over 600 items and artefacts are on display from the gold mining days to the early timber industry. In one corner there are radios from the 1920's, an early film projector and a gramophone. It is open on Wednesday's or by appointment - Phone (02)6649 2001. Donations are gratefully received.

Located in the centre of Glenreagh, on the western side of Orara Way, diagonally opposite the Glenreagh Hotel.

The Big Dog

This larger than life dog statue stands four metres tall and six metres long and it’s body is built of wire netting then cement rendered and painted a golden yellow. Because of it’s size you just can’t miss it.

Located beside the Golden Dog Hotel on Orana Way in the village of Glenreagh.

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