Finley, NSW

The Newell Highway passing through Finley
Photo by Mattinbgn

At the northern entrance to Finley via the Newell Highway you will cross over the Mulwala Canal. It is the longest canal in the southern hemisphere at 155 kilometres, starting at the Mulawa Dam southeast of Finley and ending at Deniliquin west of Finley. It is the water source for irrigation of agriculture in the Finley area as well as other areas along it's route.

Finley Visitor Information

The visitor information centre for Finley can be found in Tocumwal.

Tocumwal Visitor Information Centre

41-43 Deniliquin Street,
Tocumwal, NSW 2714

Phone: (03) 5874 2517
Freecall: 1800 677 271
Fax: (03) 5874 3300

Map of Finley

Finley Photos

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