Dubbo, NSW

Dubbo Attractions

Aladdin's Cave Bottlehouse

This yurt-style building is made from approximately 3000 bottles. Items of interest in the bottles include messages, photos, toys, treasures and much more. There are many surprises including a Genie, Harry Potter's Car, Aladdin's treasure chest and over 1000 bottles suspended inside on marine rope. In a large shed adjacent to the Bottlehouse there is a display of old bikes, sewing machines, blacksmith tools, saddlery, old pots, fans, jugs, rabbit traps and more. Visitors can enjoy the 'Gumnut Walk' to view the extensive fairy gardens with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Thumbelina, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs and the Magic Faraway Tree. The bottle house is on private property so before visiting phone for opening hours on (02) 6887 2732.

Travel east from the Newell Highway/Golden Highway junction, towards Dunedoo for 8 kilometres then turn right (1 kilometre passed Harefield Road, onto the unsealed driveway.


Dubbo Observatory

At this observatory you can zoom into the moon and solar system and discover the Milky Way and beyond with the most high-tech telescopes. Take the 90 minute tour that that commences with an audio-visual, then venture out into the night sky and view the stars through these telescopes. The tours are run every night but bookings are essential by phoning (02) 6885 3022. During the day there is an 18 hole astronomy themed mini golf course plus a gift shop/coffee shop with science goods and local artisan products.

Turn east off the Newell Highway, 10 kilometres south of Dubbo, (3.5 kilometres south of Obley Road, which is the turnoff to the Western Plains Zoo), onto Camp Road. The observatory is 2.5 kilometres on the right and it is well signposted.

Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden

The botanic garden development began in 1999 and currently comprises of four distinctive garden spaces:

Shoyoen - This is recognised as being one of the most authentic Japanese Gardens in Australia. The abstract and highly stylised miniature landscape is a distinguishing feature of this style of traditional Japanese Garden and is full of religious symbolism and cultural references.

Sensory Garden - This is a kaleidoscope of contrasting colours and shapes of both flowers and foliage which stimulate the visual senses. The many elements include playful water features, a striking sculpture of the Barking Gecko and the enticing stepping stones.

Biodiversity Garden - This garden was designed to be a living model of the major vegetation communities that thrived in the region before European settlement. The trails take you through grassy white box woodlands, past wetlands and climbs up a rocky, volcanic slope via a boardwalk (not accessible by wheelchairs).

Oasis Valley - This features plants typical of a dry rainforest. There is a 60 metre-long, elevated boardwalk that crosses a meandering watercourse and is a fantastic viewing platform over the garden.Interpretive signage throughout the garden allows you to understand rainforest species and how they evolved in Australia.

Travel east along the Mitchell Highway from the roundabout in Dubbo towards Wellington. Travel 4.5 kilometres then turn left (800 metres passed the Wheelers Lane roundabout, where it is signposted to the Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden. Immediately turn left onto Windsor Parade, travel 700 metres then turn right onto Coronation Drive. There is parking along Coronation Drive for caravans or under the trees along the entrance driveway to the gardens for cars.


Dundullimal Homestead Complex

Dundullimal is a colonial slab hut homestead, furnished with original period furniture. The working areas include sandstone stables, the blacksmith's forge, coach room, sunken cool room and stores. This complex of buildings reflects the practical elements of rural life on a large, isolated property during the nineteenth century. In 2013 the Timbrebongie Church was moved to the grounds of Dundullimal. Enjoy a self guided tour at your leisure followed by a visit to the cafe. Stroll through the homestead's extensive traditional gardens while the children play and visit the ducks and chickens. Volunteer guides are also able to assist and enhance your experience.

Turn east off the Newell Highway kilometres south of Dubbo onto Obley Road (Western Plains Zoo turnoff). Travel 2.5 kilometres and the entrance to the homestead is on the left through the gates. It is signposted.


Egret Park Wetlands

These wetlands are considered the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems. It contains a wide diversity of life, supporting plants and animals that are found nowhere else and is a haven for amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects, and mammals. It is a great place to walk, to observe native birds, or to sit and relax.

Travel east along the Mitchell Highway from the roundabout in Dubbo towards Wellington for 3.5 kilometres then turn right at the roundabout onto Wheelers Lane. Travel 1.2 kilometres to the Dawson Park Greyhound Track. The wetlands can be accessed through a pedestrian gate located between Dawson Park and the Dubbo Gardens Retirement complex.


Heritage Walk

Walk in the footsteps of our pioneers as you embark on a journey along the Heritage Walk. Dubbo has an intriguing past from bushrangers and underworld figures, to renowned architects and ornate buildings. You will get a close up look at the historic buildings which are found throughout Dubbo. Highlights of the walk include the Courthouse, some of the older churches and the Dubbo Military Museum.

The Walk begins at the Visitor Information Centre on the corner of Macquarie Street and Erskine Street.(Newell Highway) Pick up a map of the walk before you head off.

LH Ford Bridge Art Work

The LH Ford Bridge is the main thoroughfare across the Macquarie River and carries most of the cities east/west traffic. Check out the contemporary and traditional Aboriginal murals, on the pylons under the bridge.

Travel east from the Newell Highway/Mitchell Highway roundabout in Dubbo towards Wellington. Cross over the bridge, then take the 1st left onto Macquarie Street. Turn left at the 1st roundabout then left again at the T-intersection onto Bligh Street. Almost immediately turn right onto Ian Drake Drive and the bridge pylons are right there. There is plenty of parking area beside the sports ground, after driving under the bridge.

Old Dubbo Goal

This old goal is a very popular tourist attraction that is suitable for visitors of all ages. The fully restored 1800's gaol is enhanced with some of the latest technology in entertainment. Animatronics and hologram exhibits bring to life the stories and atmosphere of this fascinating place. You will meet, hear and see the Condemned Man, the Ghost of Old Dubbo Gaol, the Executioner and the Gallows. You will also experience the eerie silence of solitary confinement, view the living conditions and examples of prison labour, inspect actual prisoner records and discover their crimes and sentences. Parking is recommended at the Visitors Information Centre,on the corner of Macquarie Street and the Newell Highway (250 metres before you get the gaol). Tickets for the gaol are available at the Information Centre.

From the north, along the Newell Highway, turn right at the T-intersection towards Parkes and City Centre. Travel 700 metres then turn left onto Macquarie Street. The entrance to the Old Goal is 350 metres on the left, opposite Woolworths.

From the south, turn right off the Newell Highway, 200 metres after crossing the Emile Serisier Bridge, onto Macquarie Street. The entrance to the Old Goal is 350 metres on the left, opposite Woolworths.


Solar System Drive

See three-dimensional planet models along the Newell Highway as you drive from Dubbo to Coonabarabran These include Pluto at the furthest reaches of the Solar System (at Dubbo) to the Sun, which is represented by the 37-metre Anglo-Australian Telescope dome at Siding Spring Observatory (at Coonabarabran). The planets are displayed on huge billboards with the size of the planets and the distance between each billboard scaled relative to the dome (the Sun). You can also learn interesting facts about the Solar System and the unique features of each planet. These billboards can be seen at the following places:

Pluto - at the Dubbo Visitor Centre, Newell Highway
Neptune - at the Gilgandra Cooee Heritage Centre, Newell Highway
Uranus - at the Tooraweenah Rest Area, Newell Highway
Saturn - at the Camkeena Rest Area, Newell Highway Jupiter - on Timor Road, west of Coonabarabran
Mars - on Timor Road, west of Coonabarabran
Earth - on Observatory Road, west of Coonabarabran
Venus - on Observatory Road, west of Coonabarabran
Mercury - on Observatory Road, west of Coonabarabran
The Sun - at Siding Spring Observatory at Coonabarabran


Taronga Western Plains Zoo

The Dubbo Zoo is home to over 700 animals which roam wide open spaces across 300 hectares of bushland. The adventure begins with a journey along the six kilometre world safari circuit in your own car or alternatively you can hire an electric car or bike at the zoo. There are barriers and moats to keep the animals at bay so you are quite safe. Each day is fully scheduled with free daily keeper presentations, and there is also the opportunity to get involved with behind the scenes experiences such as the 'Early Morning Walk' which is a fantastic way to get close to some of the zoo's most exotic animals. Bookings are unnecessary but contact the zoo for tour days.

Located right beside the Newell Highway on the southern side of Dubbo. Turn onto Obley Road to get to the entrance.



This is an interactive model railway display, featuring a fairground, skyway and ski lifts, plus a fire fighting emergency and lots more. For the model train enthusiasts there is also a hobby shop with a large array of items that you can purchase. Open: Monday to Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm. Saturdays 10.00am - 2.00pm. Closed Sunday. Open 7 days during School Holidays 10.00am - 4.00pm

From the north, as you head towards Dubbo along the Newell Highway, turn left at the T-intersection towards Dunedoo and the Hospital. Travel 2.5 kilometres then turn left onto Yarrandale Road (signposted to North Dubbo Industrial Area). Follow this road past the racecourse for 1.5 kilometres then turn left into the service lane. Traintasia is in the 4th building on the left at 13L Yarrandale Road.

From the south, continue straight ahead from the Emile Serisier Bridge, (passed the Newell Highway turnoff along the Golden Highway towards Dunedoo and the Hospital), for 3.5 kilometres then turn left onto Yarrandale Road (signposted to North Dubbo Industrial Area). Follow this road past the racecourse for 1.5 kilometres then turn left into the service lane. Traintasia is in the 4th building on the left at 13L Yarrandale Road.


Two Bridges Riverbank Walk

This is a great area for a picnic But it is also a good place to take a stroll along the riverbank right in the heart of Dubbo. The walkway runs parallel with the Macquarie River with it’s large River Red Gums lining the banks of the river.

Start your walk from behind the Visitor Information Centre. Walk across the Emile Serisier Bridge. Follow the gravel track to the left along the western riverbank. Cross the footbridge into South Dubbo and return along the eastern side of the Macquarie River. The whole walk could take several hours so wear your most comfortable walking shoes.

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