Cowra, NSW

Looking along the main street of Cowra
Photo by Mattinbgn

Viticulture is a major industry in the Cowra area. The first vineyards were planted in the 1970s and were predominantly Chardonnay. Since then a range of varieties have had success, including Shiraz and Verdelho.
The POW Theatre, located within the Information Centre runs a 9 minute hologram presentation telling the story of the prisoner of war breakout during WW2. The story is told through the eyes of a young girl whose fiancée is in the army overseas. It is sure to evoke many strong feelings and is a ‘must see’ for any visitor.

Cowra Visitor Information Centre

Olympic Park, Mid Western Highway,
Cowra NSW 2794

Phone: (02) 6342 4333
Freecall: 1800 266 173

Map of Cowra

Cowra Photos

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