Coleambally, NSW

Coleambally is on Kidman Way (B87)

Main street of Coleambally facing north, with shops on the right, and the distinctive wine glass water tower in the background.
Photo by Mattinbgn

Coleambally is a town amidst a cypress pine forest south of the Murrumbidgee River. All the streets are named after birds. Rice is the principal crop grown in the area, although grain, sorghum, safflower and Soya beans are also grown. A feature of the shopping centre is a mural in Jenimar Arcade, depicting aspects of the towns history. It was painted by a local art group in 1991.

Coleambally Information Centre

39 Brolga Place,
Coleambally NSW 2707

Phone : (02) 6954 4060

The Centre is located inside the Murrumbidgee Council Chambers. Information brochures and maps can also be picked up at the Coleambally Caravan Park in Kingfisher Avenue.

Map of Coleambally

Coleambally Photos

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