Burren Junction, NSW

Burren Junction is on Kamilaroi Highway (B51)

Welcome to Burren Junction sign
Photo by Walgett Shire Council

Many of the street names in Burren Junction are named after Battles of War such as Blenheim, Waterloo, Trafalgar, Alma, Hastings, Inkerman and Balaclava. Wheat and cotton growing is the main agricultural industry along with some sheep and beef cattle breeding. The town has a service station/convenience store for fuel, groceries, take-away food, gas and ice. There is also an R.S.L club, hotel, post office, churches and sports ground.

Burren Junction Visitor Information

The visitor information centre for Burren Junction can be found in Walgett.

Walgett Visitor Information Centre

Wolseley House,
88 Fox Street,
Walgett NSW 2832

Phone: (02) 6828 6139
Fax: (02) 6828 6138


Map of Burren Junction

Burren Junction Photos

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