Brunswick Heads, NSW

Brunswick Heads is on Pacific Highway (A1)

The entrance from the ocean to Brunswick Heads
Photo © Highway Traveller

The river entrance at Brunswick Heads is trained by two break walls that define the northern end of the beach, and dolphins are often seen here. The river mouth bar is notorious for upending boats because of the strong tidal currents and breaking waves. The Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve is an important habitat for birds. Threatened Pied Oystercatchers and Little Terns use the area as a feeding ground, and migratory birds, such as Eastern Curlews and Whimbrels, utilise the reserve in summer

Brunswick Heads Information Centre

7 Park Street,
Brunswick Heads NSW

Phone: (02) 6685 1003
Fax: (02) 6685 1002

Map of Brunswick Heads

Brunswick Heads Photos

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